Dress Code

Student Dress Standard:
The students and staff at Miramar Ranch Elementary expect everyone to have high standards of conduct and appearance. Clothing should be suitable and comfortable for normal school activities and should reflect respect, pride, and good standards of the student's home and community. The student's clothing and appearance should not be of such extreme that it draws undue attention to the student nor should his/her clothing and appearance detract or interfere with the teaching and learning in the classroom.

General clothing standards require that children wear shoes at all times. Please adhere the following:

  • Tennis shoes or shoes that have a heel of 1" or lower. All shoes must be close toed and have a back strap. This is a safety requirement. Shoes with wheels are not permitted.
  • Hats or any form of headgear (caps, beanies, etc…), other than required for religious reasons or with a doctor's note, are not allowed.
  • Shirts must cover each shoulder by a minimum of 2" in width. Halters are not to be worn to school. Shirts should be long enough to tuck in. Try this test. When arms are held horizontally at shoulder level, if your back or midriff shows it is too short. Undergarments should not be visible.
  • Make-up and hoop/dangling earrings are not allowed.
  • Sunglasses may only be worn with a doctor's note.
  • Skirts, shorts and dresses must be an appropriate length. Try this test. Place hands along side of body with fingers extended. It must be of equal length to the extended fingers or longer.
  • Clothing should be free of inappropriate words, symbols or adult themes.
  • A backpack or school bag is a good idea. We recommend rolling styles to avoid carrying heavy bags.
  • Clothes should be appropriately sized so that they do not sag or drop unexpectedly.

Students who wear inappropriate clothing will be sent to the office to call home for a change of clothing. If parents cannot be reached, then more appropriate clothing will be supplied for the student.

We appreciate the support from all parents in meeting the expected dress code.

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