All About Art Corps

Who teaches Art Corps?
Classes are taught by adult volunteers (parents, grandparents) from the school community.

How are volunteers prepared?
Volunteers attend Workshops where they learn the lesson and create the artwork themselves. With the knowledge they gain from the Workshops, along with the Lesson Plan Books, volunteers are well prepared to teach the art lesson to the students. See the workshop schedule for your grade level.

How do I schedule lessons in the beginning of the year?
1) Speak with your child's teacher about the best days and times to schedule Art Corps.

2) Once you set dates, fill out the form called "Art Corps Full Year Lesson Sign-Up Request", and submit it online. On this form you may also request the Art Corps Bungalow for your lesson location.

3) Once scheduled, lessons will appear on the online Art Corps calendar.

More information on scheduling your class lesson can be found on the CALENDAR page.

Where are the Lesson Plan books?
They are located in the file cabinet in the Art Corps Bungalow, room B-12. They are filed by grade and by teacher. Please use them for your lesson, then RETURN them to the cabinet where you found them.

What about the supplies?
The supplies are all located in B-12. The Lesson Plan books list all supplies needed for each class. Contact the Art Supply Coordinator if you have questions about the supplies.

What are "student work envelopes"?
Student work envelopes, or portfolios, are made by each volunteer for each child. Using a LARGE piece of paper, staple the sides into an envelope, and label it with the child's name and the teacher's name. Large paper for these student portfolios is distributed at the orientation meeting or you can get the paper from B-12.

What do I do with Artwork at the end of the Art Corps lesson?
1) If the art needs to dry, lay it flat overnight. There are specially made drying racks in the Art Corps bungalow. The next day, pick up the art and place each student's work in that student's work envelope.

2) Store the student portfolios in your teacher's bin in the storage rack next to the door.

3) Check off your class lesson on the list up at the white board in B-12. This will let the Art Corps program leaders know you have completed this lesson.

4) Student artwork will accumulate all year. At the end of the school year, you will select one sample from each child for the Art Show.

I'm a volunteer... how do I change my class date?
Click on the link "Art Corps Calendar Update Form" at the top of the page on the left, to change your date. Complete the the form and submit. Once submitted, you will be contacted by e-mail to confirm your change.

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