Behavior Expectations

We feel that the responsibility of student behavior is shared by all: the student, parents and the school. With this in mind, students are held strictly accountable for their behavior.

The following guidelines assist school personnel whenever inappropriate student behavior occurs:

1. Teacher will activate classroom discipline plan, which will include

  • establishing classroom agreements.
  • counseling the child.
  • communicating with parents to inform and seek support.
  • providing appropriate consequences.

2. If further assistance is needed, then the child may be referred to the school counselor and/or other administrative designee.

3. Referral to school principal

When the student is referred to the administration, except in extreme situations, it is assumed that the parent/guardian has been previously contacted about the problem.

The principal may choose to:

  • counsel the student.
  • conduct a parent conference.
  • remove the student from the classroom or playground/lunch area.
  • suspend the student (see below).

District Guidelines for Suspension

A student may be suspended from school if they:

  1. Cause, attempt to cause or threaten to cause physical injury to another.
  2. Disrupt school activities or willfully defy the valid authority of the staff.*
  3. Unlawfully sell, deal or furnish any substance that is a controlled substance.
  4. Steal or attempt to steal school or private property.
  5. Possess, sell, or furnish any firearm, knife, explosive or dangerous object.
  6. Possess or use tobacco on school premises.
  7. Cause or attempt to cause damage to school or private property.
  8. Knowingly receive stolen school or private property.

* Students may only be suspended for this reason if they are in third grade or older.

** The district policy regarding sexual harassment can be obtained viewed on the district website.

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